"Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association"

Superintendent of the Year

Georgia GCSA Superintendent of the Year Recipients
1990: Al Frenette, CGCS
1991: Charlie Underwood
1992: Palmer Maples, Jr., CGCS
1993: Dr. Glenn Burton
1994: Randy Nichols, CGCS
1995: Buzz Howell
1996: Bill Womac, CGCS
1997: Ralph Hinz
1998: Don Branch
1999: Ron SInnock
2000: Paul Petrie, CGCS
2001: Mark Esoda, CGCS
2002: Mark Hoban
2003: Ken Mangum, CGCS
2004: Chuck Underwood, CGCS
2005: Buck Workman, CGCS
2006: William Smith, CGCS
2007: Wade Thomas
2008: Frank SIple, CGCS
2009: Harold Franklin
2010: Richard Staughton, CGCS
2011: William Shirley, CGCS
2012: Tim Cunningham, CGCS
2013: Ralph Kepple, CGCS
2014: Mike Crawford, CGCS
2015: Anthony Williams, CGCS

2016: Berry Collett, CGCS
2017: Courtney Young, CGCS
2018: Chuck Moore
2019: Kyle Marshall

"Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association"

Membership Inquiry

Membership in the Georgia GCSA is open to any individual directly involved in the turf industry. Golf course superintendents, assistants, employees of members, manufacturers, distributors, educators, turf maintenance professionals, turfgrass students and specialists are all welcome. Membership classifications are assigned according to the Georgia GCSA Bylaws.

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