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Best Management Practices for Water Conservation

Name of Club:

A) Site Assessment

1) Area, 2) Plants, 3) General factors


1) Square footage
2) Grass type
3) Cutting height
4) Soil type
5) Special technology
6) Other information


1) Acres
2) Grass type
3) Cutting height
4) Soil type
5) Special technology
6) Other information


1) Acres
2) Grass type
3) Cutting height
4) Soil type
5) Special technology
6) Other information


1) Acres
2) Grass type
3) Cutting height
4) Soil type
5) Special technology
6) Other information


1) Acres
2) Plant material
3) Soil type
4) Other information

Club Grounds

1) Acres
2) Plant material
3) Soil type
4) Other information

4) Irrigation Audit

Pump Station

1) Year
2) Type
3) Pump sizes
4) Gallonage
5) Safety Features
6) Conditon
7) Maintenance schedule
8) Other information


1) Year
2) System type
3) # of field controllers
4) Condition
5) Other information

Irrigation system

1) Year
2) Type
3) Valves
4) Quantity/GPM of heads greens:
heads tees:
heads fairways:
heads roughs:
5) Other information

Efficiency Estimate: %

B) Overall Water Needs


1) # of meters
2) Location(s)
3) Other information

Record Keeping

1) Yearly gallonage
2) Schedule
3) Other information

(*attach one year of records plus total usage)

Water Testing

1) Schedule
2) Other information

(*attach most recent tests)


1) Size
2) Type of water
3) Other information

Future Needs:

Alternative water sources? Yes   No
If yes, explain:

C) Best Management Practices and Current Conservation Measures

Current Irrigation Control/ Costs

1) Pump Station $
2) Control system (computer/controllers) $
3) Irrigation system (sprinklers, pipe, valves, fittings, etc) $
4) Other $

Staffing Control/Maintenance Costs

1) Supervisor time $
2) Irrigation technicians time $
3) Other help time $

(*all of the above involved in diagnosis, repairs, recordkeeping, inventory, scheduling, etc.)

Scouting Costs

1) Daily scouting time $

Hand Watering Costs

1) Daily hand watering time $

Night Watering Capability - Water course at night to reduce loss and keep from extending the natural free moisture range (disease pressure reduced)

Rain, leak, etc. loss costs - (See Scouting, Pump Controls, Irrigation controls)

Traffic Controls/Costs

1) Daily traffic control time $

Management for water conservation (describe programs)

A) Cutting heights
B) Soil cultivation
Greens # of times/year $
Tees # of times/year $
Fairways # of times/year $
C) Evapotranspiration Utilization Utilize to monitor weather data to help schedule irrigation cycles based on evapotranspiration values.
List source:
D) Landscape material selection
E) Natural areas
F) Fertilization
Bermudagrass # of lbs.
Bentgrass # of lbs.
G) Pest management (explain)
H) Wetting agents Yes   No

Record Keeping
- Man hours involved with scouting
- Man hours involved with hand watering
- Man hours involved with irrigation repairs
- Costs of parts for repairs - $
- Weekly, Monthly and Yearly water usage
- Water quality tests
- Pesticide and fertilizer applications (in relation to irrigation)
- (other methods)

Irrigation Methods
- Combination of plant based, soil based, atmosphere based and budget report.

Goal Setting

- Benefits of Golf course and Turf
- Economic contributor
- Carbon dioxide exchange for oxygen
- Temperature moderation
- Erosion control
- Water filter for improved water quality
- Wildlife sanctuary
- Recreational benefits of reduced stress and increased health
- Community outreach (First Tee Programs)
Other benefits:

- Publish this Best Management Plan for use at Club
- Articles in the Club Newsletter explaining proper water use and water conservation

- During drought have papers on water conservation in the pro shop and locker rooms for members and patrons to use at home
- Post a poster that shows this golf course uses best management practices for water conservation

D) Water Conservation Plan

Reasons for water conservation (describe why it is preferable to conserve)
Proper water management dictates that OVERWATERING is unacceptable
Economics - watering and water management costs money
Depleted water supplies and reduced water quality
Other reasons:

Counter measures to reduce the effects of drought (describe)
Raise mowing heights where possible
Stop mowing in areas that are cut off
Increase hand watering
Other reasons:

Future upgrades for water conservation
List possible ideas + cost:

E) Attachments
List all attachments:

Email attachments to allison@ggcsa.com.

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